Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lamp make over

Lamp Makeovers are fun!  A friend of mine is the yardale Queen!  She gave me this lamp a while back.  As you can see it was not very pretty.  But I could see potential!  All it takes is a little spray paint and patience.  I sprayed the lamp base with silver spraypaint and added a new drum shade.  The lamp works fine so a new lamp kit did not have to be added.  Total spent for a new lamp:  $15 new shade, $5 spray paint = lamp for $20!  We are using this in our baby boy's nursery

Don't you like the cute little base?

Fitted crib sheet

 I've made a fitted crib sheet before and typically it's not too bad, especially when you are using a lightweight sheeting fabric.  My most recent challenge came when a client asked for 2 fitted crib sheets out of minky dot fabric.  I was concerned about the stretchiness and thickness of the fabric.  I referred to Amy Butler's "little stitches for little ones" book for instructions.  I found them very easy to follow.  I made both sheets in one evening and I think they turned out great!  I tested them in our nursery (more to come on that later).