Tuesday, October 23, 2007

These scarves are my most recent creations. All warps are 100% cotton. Most were hand dyed, some were commercially dyed. All were an attempt to explore color futher and push the material limits. They were also used to explore the shape of a scarf- long, short, contained, fringed, etc. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Why do I design?

I can't help but design. My mind is always turning, thinking about color, texture, movement, and pattern. This process is uncontrollable and often unstoppable.
My design process...
I begin with a form of inspiration... a magazine clipping, a piece of antique fabric, a flower...and expand upon this with sketches. I then develop a color scheme and begin creating samples...dyeing fabric, stitching, bleaching etc. Then I create the final piece!
What do I design?


My favorite things to create are functional textiles. I enjoy dyeing, weaving, crocheting, printing, quilting, and stitching scarves, wraps, bags, and blankets. Everyone relates to textiles...they hold memories, scents, stories...textiles are woven into our lives so it is important that they be durable, soft and comfortable, and beautiful.

For Business:

I am currently an intern for a company in their Research and Product Development Department. I create digital repeat designs for woven and knitted fabric which will be digitally printed or screen printed onto the fabric. In the future I would like to continue to work with the construction and development of woven, knitted, and/or printed fabric. My ultimate goal is to one day have my own line of fabrics and accessories.